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Parents and students call us the “hidden gem” of lessons because we put the person first, and connect students through music, to inspire confidence and growth, regardless of age.

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Serving Schenectady, Niskayuna, Guilderland, Albany, NY and beyond

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What Parents and Students Have To Say

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U-Rock Camps & Showcases

Rock camps and showcases are available for kids, teens and adults throughout the year, regardless of level

U-Rock camp weekend is a fantastic way for students to see progress from their lessons in action.

For nearly two decades, the U-Rock Camp has been a positive, life-changing experience for kids, teens, and adults. The confidence and life skills students develop are carried forward, beyond camp.

Students learn how and when to lead, coach, and work in a collaborative, team environment. This comes from having to set a goal (the songs the students will play together) and meet it within only two days. All of this is achieved in a positive, fun atmosphere where friendships are formed and creativity is inspired.

Warren Music Academy also hosts student showcases throughout the year, where students who are interested in performing live can see their developing skills and the work they have been putting into their instrument come to life, when students get to perform live in front of an audience! Showcase venues vary throughout the year. 


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Why Choose Warren Music Academy?

Warren Music Academy founder, Don Warren, has worked at the highest levels of the music industry. Read more about Warren Music Academy.

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Program founder Don Warren:

  • Has given lessons to classic rock icons
  • Is a voting member of the Grammy Awards
  • Has coached some of the region’s top instructors
  • Invented a training pick for students
  • Founded the often imitated U-Rock Camp

    Warren Music Academy Instructors

    • Our team is compromised of highly-qualified music professionals who have years of experience in their craft and performance. They are passionate about what they do!
    • Lessons focus on YOUR goals! Each coach/instructor tailors lessons to a student’s goals and learning style, in a way that inspires and energizes!
    • We know when to act as teachers, guides, coaches, and mentors during the process.
    • Students say our approach enables them to use what they learn in a way that reduces stress and anxiety, while building self-confidence.
    • We offer fun music camps, day camps, workshops, performance groups, and opportunities for our students to perform publicly.