Guitar Lessons That Inspire Students

When it comes to finding an instructor, There are a number of attributes you can seek, but none more important than this:

“Seek an instructor who also knows how to coach and mentor as needed

“Having someone who genuinely helps you feel positively engaged and excited about the experience is the ultimate find.”

Important Note: Many music academy’s or schools look attractive from the outside but they tend to seek out young inexperienced teachers fresh out of school which is great for the fledgling needing to learn his or her craft. However, this does not often translate to you getting the value for your time and money and most importantly, the goals you have for yourself or a child or teen.

The difference between a competent teacher and a stand out top notch instructor or coach makes all the difference in the world. We have included the most commonly sought attributes below along with where we stand in each of those areas according to students of all ages over the years. Here is what a few of our students have to say: Testimonials

Don Warren teaches Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass, ukulele and Songwriting in Schenectady, New York along with Mike Anthony of Michael Anthony Lessons Michael Anthony Guitar Lessons


Our experience includes working with classic rock icons and celebrated folk, country, and jam band stars. Not just playing, but recording and even making guitars. For example:  Blue Oyster CultAllman Brothers , Blink 182,  Arlen Roth etc.

At Warren Music Academy, Don and Mike are known among both students and other teachers for their ability to play and teach multiple styles at the highest levels. We are no strangers to having other guitar instructors seek us out to improve their teaching and performing skills. This comes from a local instructor:  “I had 105 students per week as one of the areas highly regarded instructors, but when it came time to take my skills to the next level, I knew that Don Warren was the guy to go to. I learned so much in just 4 lessons, I feel I can bring a better me to my students.” 


Both Mike and Don Warren have demonstrated incredible achievements with students of all ages as noted below.

Students ranging from 8 – 85 are consistently playing songs they love almost immediately, regardless of prior experience or “natural ability.”

Kids Guitar Lessons
Teen Guitar Lessons
Adult Guitar Lessons

*Many students start performing with others to experience that  feeling that so many long for.

*Countless students have gone on to write and record songs and full length CD’s.

*We have helped numerous students in the capital region earn scholarships to top notch music schools including Berklee College of Music, Crane School of Music and Belmont School of Music

Teaching Style

You need to find an instructor with a teaching style that suits the way you learn. No matter the instrument, be it guitar, bass, or ukulele.

Don and Mike are known for being able to clique with students and discover which approaches work best not only per individual, but per topic being explored. Here is what students say about us: Testimonials

We do NOT do a one size fits all. You are an individual with specific wants and needs that should be heard and explored. This is one of our favorite reasons for teaching.


Finding private guitar lessons at a good price can be a struggle. Simply put, you will not find a price that comes close to what we charge, and that is before you take into account that most students coming to us from other programs say they learn more in one lesson with us than they do in several at other programs.

Students come to us from as close as Schenectady, Niskayuna, Guilderland, Albany, Colonie and as far as Latham, Clifton Park, Amsterdam and Kinderhook.


We offer both virtual and in person lessons. Virtual or Online Lessons include a variety of formats including but not limited to Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger etc. Virtual lessons are limited to guitar, bass, ukulele and songwriting at this time.


Make sure your instructor has a personality that you will be able to get along with. This is perhaps our most talked about attribute over the years. I don’t know what to say because we just are who we are. The fact that students often express such positive and loving comments is something we treasure.

To read how we inspire our songwriting students, you might enjoy this blog:

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