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Indoor Time Can Be Fun with These Art and Activity Ideas

It can sometimes be difficult to figure out ways to fill the hours, on rainy days when you’re stuck inside. Kids who enjoy outdoor activities on a regular basis may find themselves feeling bored or stir-crazy. Plus, when everyone is together in one place, family members can sometimes get on one another’s nerves, no matter how well they get along. Whether you’re a parent trying to keep your kids entertained on a long day inside, or a kid in search of new things to do, here are some great ways to keep the mind engaged and the body active.

Take music lessons.
Learning to play an instrument comes with great benefits for kids, from building problem solving skills to helping them excel in other areas of study such as math and writing. It’s also an excellent way to bond with your child by taking lessons together. Simply put, whether your child is interested in playing the guitar or piano, making music is an enriching and educational activity. By signing up for online lessons with Warren Music Academy, you and your child can learn to play the guitar, bass, ukulele, or even take up songwriting from the comfort of your home — and we work with your budget by offering competitive fees!

Learn a new craft.
There are many creative activities you could try your hand at. Younger kids may enjoy making paper-chain craft projects with seasonal themes and colors — or creating abstract patterns with watercolors, pastels, and tape. Making oiled paper “stained glass” can be fun for smaller children as well as teens and even parents. Another fun option for everyone in the family is home-made play dough, which can be dyed, formed in shapes, and baked in the oven.

Create your own workout routine.
There are plenty of exercises that are safe for kids as well as fun to do, though of course parents should always teach their kids how to exercise safely and without risk of injury. Exercises that are good for younger kids include cardio routines like jumping jacks or jump rope, as well as coordination and core strength movements like the bear crawl and the crab walk. Getting the whole family involved in yoga is a great idea, as it can prevent injury, improve balance, build strength, and create better positivity overall. Older kids might be interested in doing light-strength-training exercises with weights or a pull-up bar.

Have a dance party.
Dance is another good way to get the body moving. Some kids might just want to dance along to the music on their own, but others may be interested in learning some new dance styles or steps. Check out online video tutorials for fun and high-energy dance styles such as Irish step dance, tap dance, jazz, or hip-hop. Even classical ballet can be practiced at home, with guidance from tutorials. You can also have fun putting together dramatic dance costumes with whatever you have around the house.

Make the most of your screen time.
Too much screen time can lead to real physical and mental health problems. But some screen time, especially active screen time such as gaming, can be excellent for learning and even for some aspects of physical development. Kids should check with their parents before trying any new games, and parents should do diligent research on both the safety of the game and the age-appropriateness of its content. If you plan on doing a lot of online gaming, a pair of durable headphones that come with bluetooth or wireless features can make gameplay smoother and reduce distractions.

Long rainy days inside don’t have to be boring, as long as you have plenty of ideas about how to use your indoor time. Ask your parents to help you if you’re looking for more ideas or tutorials or need products for arts and crafts projects. Kids and parents can also take up hobbies together, like learning to play an instrument by taking online classes with Warren Music Academy.