Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t read music.”

This is not a concern, or always even necessary. Did you know that the most famous bands in history had no music reading ability or formal training? When is the last time you saw your favorite band with music stands and sheet music on stage? Some teachers — and lessons for specific instruments — may rely on sheet music more than others. This is also dependent on what type of materials are most commonly-available for different instruments, and the culture around learning that instrument. (For example, guitarists can often rely on tablature for much of what they may wish to learn, as sheet music for a particular song may not be as widely available.) Of course, we offer a fantastic approach to sight reading that has helped students earn scholarships, so if reading is your interest or among your goals, we have you covered as well.

“I have no natural musical talent.”

You may feel this to be true right now, but so have countless students, many of which have gone on to form bands, record professionally, release recordings and albums, or have gone on to perform around the country. I can’t even begin to tell you how often this concern has been put to rest.

“I tried lessons once, but it did not go well.”

That may be true, but our lesson program has a track record that will put this concern to rest. If we had a nickel for every student that breathes a sigh of relief and thanks us sincerely for making the entire process not only easy — but incredibly enjoyable — well, we would have many nickels.

What Do I Need To Bring To Lessons?

Some teachers may request a spiral notebook or binder to be used in lessons, while others may provide material, or use email and digital files in their lessons. Additional items such as clip-on headstock tuners, folders, etc. may be requested by your teacher. More information will be provided upon starting.

How long is a lesson?

30 or 60-minute lessons are currently available.

Do you offer Online Lessons?

Yes! We are available for virtual lessons on multiple platforms. The same rates and time frames apply. Please contact us for more information.

What styles do you teach?

Please refer to each teacher’s individual bio. A wide range of styles are offered and vary based on a student’s goals.

Do you accept students of any level of ability?

Absolutely. Any age, any level. We have many years of positive experience working with kids, teens and adults. Several of our instructors have been known for teaching other well-known instructors, as well as local and nationally-touring and acclaimed acts.

At what age can a child begin lessons?

If you have a very young child who you would like to begin learning an instrument, give us a call. We can help you determine if music lessons are right for your child at that point in their life, which instrument may be most appropriate at this time, as well as help you to determine a direction you may choose to go if pursuing music lessons with Warren Music Academy.

How do you accept payment?

Cash, checks, Venmo and Apple Pay are accepted at this time .

How do you handle makeup lessons?

Please refer to our lesson policy.

How Often Should A Student Practice?

This is a very common question and should be discussed with each teacher as there are many approaches depending on a number of variables.

Warren Lesson College Scholarship

Each year, Warren Music Academy will offer a scholarship to three local schools. One student who intends to pursue music after high school will be selected. At the beginning of the academic year, Warren Music Academy will speak at each school in an effort to inform students and schools about the scholarship offering. Additionally, our lesson program can help students achieve further scholarships from the school of their choice, with outstanding entrance auditions. Many students of the Warren Lesson Program have received substantial scholarships from schools such as Berklee College of Music, Crane, and Julliard.