Lessons for Adults

Guitar Lessons Schenectady

We love when adults reach out to explore lessons. Whether it’s a bucket list item, a hobby to explore, or improving existing skills, working with our adult students has been mutually rewarding.

We understand the many common questions and concerns adults may have about lessons. We will absolutely help you reach your goals in a way that removes roadblocks and sets a path that is engaging and enjoyable.


Can’t read music? You will not need to read music in many of our courses (unless that is your goal).
Have no musical talent? Most common and most quickly overcome perceived obstacle.
Am a slow learner? Hey… what’s the rush? Our teachers are passionate about the process, and will guide you at the pace you learn and have fun along the way.
Too old to learn? I have yet to encounter this. We have students as old as 80 who are having a blast while enjoying the whole process.

Getting Started

Whether you want to learn to play music for your own pleasure, or have the positive experience that comes from playing in a band, Warren Music Academy is the place for you.

Lessons are available in:

  • Guitar
  • Bass
  • Drums
  • Piano
  • Voice
  • Ukulele
  • Songwriting

Our adult lesson program is inspiring and fun, and includes private lessons for adults that will have you playing and performing the songs you love with confidence! Adults are also encouraged to come play at our Rock Camps that are held throughout the year.

Lessons for Beginners

Our highly-regarded, professional teachers tailor their lessons for beginners using a method that has inspired and amazed students of all ages. Along with learning the fundamentals, you will quickly be able to begin your first song and progress steadily as you gain the skills needed to play (and even create songs, if desired). We are known for fulfilling musical bucket list goals with our lesson programs for Guitar, Bass, Voice, Drums, Songwriting, and Piano.

“ I was skeptical when friends told me how easy you make learning the guitar. Every fear I had about learning has vanished and I look forward to each week. Thank you do much. This truly had become an amazing gift for myself.”

Intermediate to Advanced Lessons

Our intermediate and advanced lessons build on the skills that students have developed through their previous lessons. We have helped students take their existing skills to levels beyond their expectations. We have given lessons to other known instructors in the Schenectady, Niskayuna and surrounding capital district area.