Guitar Lessons for Kids

We don’t just teach your child how to play guitar, bass or ukulele. It is so much more that that.

We set a foundation for learning that helps kids recognize roadblocks as opportunities, not obstacles.

When a child starts to see that THEY can overcome challenges and HEAR for themselves what is coming to life, it develops neural pathways in their brain to achieve and replicate an attitude and aptitude for success.

Coaching and Mentorship

With a reputation of being a top notch music educator Don knows when to act as teacher, coach and mentor to his students. Rock, Blues, Acoustic, Country, Pop, indie, alternative, Funk, Metal, Jazz.

Our proven formula for learning to play the guitar or ukulele effectively and quickly starts with private guitar lessons or ukulele lessons in a safe and friendly environment. Kids are also encouraged to come play at our Rock Camps that are held throughout the year.


“My wife and I cannot get over how quickly Ryan became comfortable and able
to start applying what you showed him to songs. The fact that he is already playing
along with others is still amazing to us. Thank you for being such a positive role
model and inspiration.”

-Matthew Rainka (parent)