Guitar Lessons for Teens

We don’t just teach teens how to play guitar, bass or ukulele. It is so much more that that.

We set a foundation for learning that helps them start to recognize roadblocks as opportunities, not obstacles.

We have watched our teen students start to recognize that THEY can overcome challenges and HEAR for themselves what is coming to life. It begins to develop neural pathways in their brain to achieve and replicate an attitude and aptitude for success.

Warren Lessons highly-trained guitar instructors are experts when it comes to inspiring teens to learn to play the guitar like a pro. Our proven formula for learning to play the guitar effectively and quickly starts with private guitar lessons plus group rehearsals in a safe and friendly environment. Teens are also encouraged to come play at our Rock Camps that are held throughout the year.

Guitar Lessons For All Backgrounds and Experiences

From beginners to pro, Don Warren has taught them all. With a reputation of being a top-notch music educator Don knows when to act as a teacher, coach, and mentor to his students. Rock, Blues, Acoustic, Country, Pop, indie, alternative, Funk, Metal, Jazz. We also teach Ukulele Bass and Songwriting.

Whether you want to learn to play the guitar for your own pleasure or have the positive experience that comes from playing in a band, Warren guitar lessons is the place for you. Our teen guitar lesson program is inspiring and fun and includes private guitar lessons for teenagers that will have you playing and performing the songs you love with confidence.

Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Our highly regarded professional instructors teach guitar lessons to beginners using a method that has inspired and amazed students of all ages. Along with learning the fundamentals such as rhythm, chords, tuning, strumming patterns etc, you will immediately be able to begin your first song and progress steadily as you gain the skills needed to play and even create songs if desired. We are known for helping teens build confidence and use music to reduce anxiety and promote positive social skills.


“ I really can’t believe how much my life has changed. I learned guitar and bass
and actually played with other kids and I never thought I would be able to do that.
I have felt a shift in me that feels more confident and it is all because of how you guys
make me feel when I am learning”

– Jim (Age 15)


Intermediate to Advanced Guitar Lessons

Our intermediate and advanced guitar lessons are tailored to build on the skills that students have developed through their previous lessons. We have helped students take their existing skills to levels beyond their wildest expectations and have never let a single student down yet. We have given lessons to other known guitar and bass instructors in the Schenectady Niskayuna and surrounding capital district area.