Hi, I’m Don Warren! Together, my son Michael and I have developed a music methodology and program that has created a strong relationship and reputation among our students and families for more than twenty years. As someone who forged my own path in bringing music education to all ages, I have great admiration for families that have chosen to home school their children.

BeyonGuitar Lessons Schenectadyd the music, students learn skills that are atypical in other programs. I teach and encourage students to explore, providing alternate ways to approach problem solving situations, developing a mindset they can apply for years to come. Students learn when to observe, when to follow and when to take the lead, empowering everyone to have a roll and a voice.

Over the years, many of my home schooled students have gone on to perform in their local church and communities, and some growing to lead the worship teams, become ministers, and leading their own congregations.

We teach beginner to advanced Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Songwriting and Performance as well as basic music appreciation. But it’s not “just Music”. These lessons can act as an inspirational tool, including Rhythm, pattern and cadence which all ignite learning in other areas such as math and writing. With a well-rounded understanding of music our students have earned scholarships to top music schools such as Crane, Berklee and Julliard.


We offer a competitive monthly fee of $100. Having worked with many homeschooling families, we are sensitive to budget considerations and will always work together with each family to enable an affordable music education they want for their children (including family discounts or instrument loan).

When I think of the kids that grew up to do some of the most admirable things with their lives and hear them tell me how much my program inspired them to do so, I cannot bear to let that possibility slip away from anyone because of money.”

Don’t fret- When the pandemic hit the local communities, our students were able to continue lessons without missing a beat (pun intended).Guitar Lessons Schenectady

Online lessons are available, using a variety of platforms, including FaceTime, Skype, Google Meet, WhatsApp, Duo and more. The lesson will include notes for the week as well as a summary video detailing the topics covered each week that is sent to the student. Of course, in person lessons are available in the Niskayuna and Schenectady areas.

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Guitar Lessons Schenectady