Lesson Policy


Lesson tuition is $140 per month. This flat rate is based on a yearly tuition, but in the interest of simplicity and convenience, it is requested monthly and can be discontinued upon withdrawal at any time.

Once a lesson slot is determined for you, your lessons will occur on the same time and day each week.

There are no lessons on the holidays and specific school breaks listed below. However, tuition remains the same rate every month, regardless of how many weeks there are. The amount of lessons averages to four lessons a month, although sometimes there will be five lessons when there is a fifth week in the month (we do not charge an additional lesson fee when there is a fifth week as some schools do) , or three lessons on months with holidays and recesses (as listed below – this occurs a couple times per year). Because we do not charge for the months with five weeks, this provides an average yearly savings of $70, even with the holiday breaks. This tuition structure is common/similar in lesson studios, dance studios, martial art dojos, etc. Lessons DO continue during the summer months.


We will help you set up an automatic payment plan that adds discounts for multiple children, and takes the hassle out of writing checks or hitting the ATM. $140 is paid for in-full each month, at the end of the month, to reserve your spot for the subsequent month. (Billing occurs on the 25th of each month.)

If for some reason you are unable to utilize autopay, please speak with us to make other arrangements.

Please note that payments outside of autopay still require the month to be pre-paid in advance.


Make-up lessons are only provided in the case of an “emergency.” An emergency refers to serious illness, death in the family, etc.

In the event of a missed lesson due to circumstances such as these, and a make-up lesson with your teacher cannot happen, a video make-up lesson may be sent in place of the missed lesson. If this cannot happen, a credit will be applied to your card.

If a student has too much homework, a big school project to work on, or a sports event for example, they can choose not to come, but will not receive a make-up or credit.

When a teacher cancels a lesson

If a teacher needs to cancel a lesson and can not accommodate a make-up lesson or video make-up lesson, a credit will be issued to your card, or applied to the subsequent month.


In the event of snow, plan for lessons to proceed as usual. We do not cancel lessons just because regular school is closed. Often, the weather improves later in the day, and students can safely arrive for their scheduled lessons. If travel conditions prohibit an in-person lesson, an online lesson will take its place, using any of the following formats: FaceTime, Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype. If you are not comfortable with the online format, the instructor will create and send a video overview lesson for the material that would have been presented in the lesson, along with with any notes that would have accompanied the lesson.


There will be no lessons on the following days: Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Memorial Day.

We will be closed for the following recesses:

Spring Recess: 2nd week in April (Mon-Fri).

Holiday Recess: December 24 -January 1st.


You may withdraw at any time. However, no refund is available for any unused lessons. For the sake of simplicity, it is therefore best to withdraw at the end of the month. We would greatly appreciate 30-days advance notice of your intention to withdraw, so that we can make arrangements to fill the slot.