Mike Warren

Mike has spent his life with exposure to accomplishments at high levels in the field of music, including teaching, performing, songwriting, recording, and running music camps.


– Mike has established a reputation for being able to present each aspect of the learning process in a variety of ways, that enable him to reach his students, regardless of learning style.

– Mike is adept at multiple styles on guitar and bass, with a remarkable ability to connect with those he teaches. From kids and teens to adults, Mike connects in a way that inspires confidence.

– With a proven track record, Mike has guided students to a wide variety of musical success. Students learn how to play their favorite songs, understand and apply music theory, play and understand chords, scales, improvise over their favorite styles, play with other musicians, and understand how to write and contribute to the creative process. Students have gone on to music school, have written their own music, recorded original works, and have formed and played in bands.

– Mike has a reputation for being able to take concepts that new and intermediate guitarists often struggle with (such as scales, music theory understanding and application, soloing, navigating and connecting the fretboard, improvising, modes, writing, etc.), and breaking them down in to step-by-step increments, until students are not only understanding, but applying these concepts and new skills to their playing. Mike has spent much time identifying common “roadblocks,” and assessing why there is often confusion around these concepts (as well as the confusing ways they are often taught), and then taking a fresh approach to how these concepts can be much more easily understood and applied. Students often comment on how they have “light bulb going off” moments around concepts that they have previously found frustrating and difficult to understand. Those moments, and seeing smiles on students’ faces, is what fuels Mike’s continuous passion for teaching others the language of music.

– Mike has been a sought-after teacher for various, well-regarded private schools for multiple class types, such as guitar class teacher, music history teacher, and band coach. In addition to this, he has been sought after by school districts such as Shenendehowa High School, Mohonasen High School, and others for Continuing Education guitar classes.


– Since the age of 13, Mike has occasionally taken stage at Caffe Lena with The Bob Warren Band, playing beside Tony Markellis. (If you know, you know.)

– Mike has performed in various original and cover bands and projects as a guitarist, bassist and drummer, and has facilitated opportunities for his students to perform live, and orchestrated numerous projects for U-Rock camp offshoot performances, in a wide variety of genres.

– Involvement in the community is important to Mike, as he has organized opportunities for his students to perform and contribute in their communities, including: performing at nursing homes, organizing fundraisers for local causes, and performing at other local functions to support small business and raise funds for charitable causes.


– Mike has insightful studio experience in multiple capacities, including songwriting and arranging, to producing student projects, including full CD releases.

Here is what the founder of Warren Music Academy has to say about Mike:

Though Mike has absorbed much from being around my knowledge and having been a part of every aspect since grade school, he has achieved his remarkable ability to teach, lead, guide, coach and inspire on his own. Watching him lead the teen and adult rock camps and performance groups, while inspiring growth in all ages, I am humbled. He has taken the ball further with a gift and determination beyond my own. If he weren’t my son, I’d be envious.”

– Don Warren