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Songwriting Lessons

Our highly qualified instructors love what they do and is shows. When it comes to learning how to write a song, you will not believe what you experience.

Because our songwriting instructors have worked with some of the best songwriters in the industry, we know exactly how to help you take any thought, feeling or life experience, and create the imagery and music that brings it to life.

Our songwrting students have gone on to record counteless CDs and perform all over the country. One recent student won a $2000 Taylor guitar for the top lyric submission in a Nashville competition held nationwide.

Learn what it is like when songwriters create the hits you know and love. How do they come up with the ideas? How do they create the music that makes the song so meaningful or moving?

Come find out. That’s what we do.

We know, you are probably asking yourself:

‍The amount of times we have heard this question is beyond counting and guess what? Students leave smiling and inspired, despite the lack of perceived ability or experience.

Online and in-person songwriting lessons & classes for all ages in Albany, NY!

When you search:
Looking for songwriting lessons near me

You are going to find many options, but there is no other lesson program
that has that has the ability to make that connection between you the person and the instrument you want to express yourself with.

We’re the top choice for songwriting lessons in Albany!

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