Here’s what some students had to say:

“Music lessons with Don Warren are relaxed, fun and inspiring! I really like going to my lesson to learn something new each week. His encouragement and expertise make learning enjoyable.”

Darcy Brem

“I’ve been playing bass for about 3 years and thought I was pretty good, but wanted to learn more. I started taking lessons from Don and he has opened my eyes to a new world and has shown me things on bass that I could only dream about. Now, I’m in a band and loving it. I can’t thank you enough, and I will take lessons for the rest of my life from him! Thank You Don!”

Dave Dutcher

“I met Don Warren a little over a year ago and he has truly changed my life through teaching me guitar. He gave me the skills and opportunities to become a better guitarist and he’s given me something to be really passionate about.”

Dan Burnham

“My son’s instructor, Don Warren, has been great from the beginning. When Matt would start a lesson, Don would step out for a few minutes and tell me how it was going with the lessons, and again at the end of the lesson. I was always in the loop. The U Rock Camp gave my son self-confidence. Don is more than an instructor, but a friend to the family and a mentor to my child. He goes above and beyond for everyone. Matt loves his lessons, even two and a half years later.” 

Carol Daley

“Mike is the best guitar teacher! I’ve learned more in just a few months than I’ve learned in 15 years! If you’re interested in truly improving your playing ability and understanding of the guitar, Mike is your guy. You can tell how much passion he has for the instrument (and music in general) and he will accommodate your playing ability and musical interests. A true professional.”

Nicole Lindell

“As a parent, I have had the most wonderful experience with Warren Music Academy, and I highly recommend them to anyone seeking more than handing over a payment for the bare minimum. My daughter’s instructor, Mike, makes lessons align with life, while still managing to teach an amazing skill. Before committing and sending my daughter to just any instructor, I did a lot of research. At the time, my daughter was 13 and shy. She wanted to try out bass guitar lessons. After what seemed like a half day of making calls, I got a call back from the exact right instructor. By the way, very few even took the time to return my call in a timely manner. It was the first sign of a person teaching for all the right reasons. Not even two years later, here we are. I am so extremely pleased with my daughter’s skill level, and more importantly, the impression Mike has made on her in life. The music camps that Mike coordinates a few times a year have been life-changing for his students. There are few places you can find such an affordable impact on your child’s growth and development. The camps address so much more than music. The first weekend – and I literally mean a total of 10 hours over the weekend – my daughter was able to perform with a group of kids she had never met in her life. At that time, she had only a handful of lessons. This in itself demonstrates learning on a much higher level, and it is a direct result of Mike’s abilities. He can bring a dozen novices into a studio for hours and end a weekend with an amazing performance. Think about what’s learned beyond music there? It’s priceless.”

Noney Grier

“Mike is an excellent teacher who encourages his students to stretch their boundaries at their own pace while also encouraging steady growth. He also allows the student to have their hand on the tiller as much as they are comfortable. He is exceptionally good at identifying a student’s strengths and helping the student play to them, so that their musicianship grows as a whole, rather than just as an academic pursuit. There is so much more to music than knowing how to make the notes on the instrument, and Mike is very good at communicating that.

Mike is also very good at leading a group, and encouraging them to work together to both recreate their favorite songs and to create songs of their own. He is quite good at bringing students of different personalities to work together and make a cohesive, fun group of people to play with that also allows each of the individuals within it to grow. He has definitely encouraged me as both a bassist and a vocalist to step outside my comfort zone, and has pushed me and informed me in ways that I didn’t really realize I needed. Any student of any skill level would be lucky to have Mike Warren as an instructor.”

Carrie C.

“A few months ago, I was introduced to Warren Music Academy by a professional percussionist. He told me that they are the best around, so I decided to take a lesson. Best move I made and I can’t agree more with the person who referred me. My instructor, Don, is an excellent teacher who promotes learning in a relaxed atmosphere. He is encouraging and has helped me to become a much better guitar player. He is teaching me to play several instruments including bass, ukulele and banjo. Don is helping me to find opportunities where I can utilize my skills and play for various venues. He truly is a professional and I know he will remain as my teacher for a very long time. I look forward to my weekly lessons and soon I will be learning more skills at his Rock Camp! Thank you Don! You’re the best!”

Debra Sickles