Even a complete beginner can join our U-Rock Camp weekend performance camp.

Performance camp weekends are available for Teens as well as adults.

U-Rock camp performance camp weekend is a fantastic way to see the progress from guitar, bass or ukulele lessons.

For nearly two decades, the U-Rock Camp has been a positive life-changing experience for kids, teens, and adults. The confidence and life skills that develop are carried forward. Learning how and when to lead and coach and or follow comes from having to set a goal (the performance) and meet it in only two days. All of this is achieved in a positive, fun environment where friendships are formed and creativity is inspired.


What to expect:

  • Know what it’s like to Play on-stage, with lights and a fog show.
  • Develop professional rehearsal/ prep skills that carry beyond the music.
  • Form a band with other musicians of similar age, experience, and style.
  • Learn when to lead, coach and follow within a group tasked with a deadline.

When Do the Camps take place?

  • U-Rock Camp runs throughout the year for Kids, Teens, and Adults.
  • Kids 9-12 One day camps run quarterly with times varying based on availability
  • Teens 13-17 Weekend Camps are held in July, August, October, and February.
  • Dates vary and will be announced on the camp page.

Adults 18 and older. One Day Camps run quarterly with times varying based on availability.


What to bring to Camp:

  • Guitar and or bass
  • Amplifier
  • 15′ chord to plug instrument in
  • Notebook
  • Picks
  • Extra set of strings
  • Drummers should bring their own snare, hi-hats, cymbals, and sticks.

Teen camp is Saturday 11 to 7 and Sunday 11 to 4 with a performance at 4 PM